Certificate Transparency

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What is Certificate Transparency?
Certificate Transparency (CT) is a method to publish all certificates in one or more publicly available CT logs. The CT logs must meet the qualified requirements. Logs are auditable to ensure they are honest. Logs can be monitored to discover certificates which have been issued.

The two main benefits of CT are:
  • Domain Security – Owners of domains can monitor CT logs to see what certificates have been issued for their domains. This supports the domain owners to detect fraudulent certificates which may attack their organization or users.
  • Certificate Evaluation – Researchers can monitor or specifically review certificates to determine quality and compliance to the SSL/TLS industry obligations.
For more details please see Certificate Transparency home page.

Certificate Transparency Status
All Extended Validation (EV) certificates have been CT logged since January 2015. Google has announced that starting in October 2017, all new SSL/TLS certificates will have to be CT logged to have trust in Chrome.

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* 1. How will Certificate Transparency benefit your organization?