We would like to thank everyone who came to the Pre-K SPED opening of school. This experience is designed to provide the Pre-K SPED teachers with very important discussions in regards to topics in the areas of Early Childhood Education and Special Education. We would like to know how valuable this experience was to you as a teacher and if you think that it will be helpful in the future. Please take a few minutes and answer the following questions. 

* 1. Did you attend the Pre-K SPED Opening of School?

* 2. If you DID NOT attend, please indicate the reason. Otherwise skip this question. (Select all that apply.)

* 3. If you DID ATTEND, please rate the value of your experience and feel free to describe your experience with comments.

* 4. Did you like the way in which we rotated through different areas and topics?

* 5. What did you find to be the most helpful activity from the 2017-2018 opening of school?

* 6. If you can think of any other topics that we should include in next year’s opening of school (2018-2019); please list them below.

* 7. Would you like to present a topic or lead an activity during the opening of school next year (2018-2019)?