Business Benefits of Community Engagement

Please help us gather information on your community engagement.
Did you know serving on a nonprofit board has many collateral benefits for you and the company? Have you implemented strategies to increase your visibility, credibility and impact in the community? Research has shown that companies with strong community engagement see a true benefit in their bottom line, employee retention and customer loyalty. 

* 1. Do you encourage your employees to volunteer as board members for nonprofits?

* 2. Do you offer incentives for employee volunteerism?

* 3. Do you have a formal corporate giving program?

* 4. Do you have a matching gifts program?

* 5. Do you partner with any nonprofits in your community?

* 6. Do you utilize cause marketing as a business growth strategy?

* 7. Community engagement has many business benefits. Would you like to learn more about the following areas? Pick all that apply.

* 8. Does your company provide employee training to maximize their effectiveness?

* 9. Have you heard of Board Bound Leadership, a training program to maximize the impact your employees have when serving on boards?