* 1. Provide your full name, cell phone, email address and mailing address.

* 2. Please list all pertinent affiliations, awards, certifications and/or green building experience.

* 3. How many custom homes have you built and over how long of a period?

* 4. What type of career advancement are you interested in?

* 5. Is the customer always right?

* 6. Complete the following sentence.

The most challenging part of construction is...

* 7. Complete the following question.

The most rewarding part of construction is...

* 8. I best solve problems by:

* 9. What is the allowable tensile strength (lbs) of a ½” diameter Hilti Carbon Steel KWIK Bolt 3 with 3-1/2” embedment into 3000psi normal weight concrete?

* 10. Complete the question:

Life is...