Please answer the following questions to help us prepare a press release to bring positive attention to your program, your community partner's program, and CSUN!

* 1. Please provide the following information about you:

* 2. What is your role in this project?

* 3. Please describe the community engagement project. How were students involved?

* 4. Please provide contact information about the lead faculty member for this project.

* 5. Are other faculty members involved in this project?

* 6. Please identify other faculty members who were involved in this project. Include name and department -- plus email if we should contact them.

* 7. Please provide a quote from the Faculty member about the value of being involved in this project.

* 8. Please provide information about your community partner.

* 9. Please briefly describe the mission and activities of your community partner.

* 10. What is the website address of your community partner?

* 11. Please provide a quote from the community partner about participating in this project.

* 12. Are there students we can contact for their opinions about the project? Please list their names and emails below.

* 13. If you have good quotes from students, please share them here. If the quote is not anonymous, please provide the student's name and email so we confirm release.

* 14. Who else we can contact for more information about this project?