* 1. Who do you use as your primary bank (financial institution)?

* 2. What do you like most about your bank? (you may select more than one choice)

* 3. Using the scale below, how important are the following attributes when selecting a bank or credit union?

  Least Important Extremely Important
Number of ATMs
Number of Branches
Low Auto Loan Rates
Low Mortgage Rates
"Credit Repair" Products
Mobile Services
Extended Call Center Hours

* 4. If you're currently not a member at Schools FCU, what can we do so that you take advantage of your free lifetime membership?

* 5. Which method would be the best way for us to promote services that may be of benefit for you?

* 6. Would you be interested in being part of a focus group so that products and services are designed to best meet the needs of the CSUDH community?