1. About The Customer Success Management Systems (CSMS) Vendor Listing Application 

The Customer Success Association started maintaining a list of vendors offering various kinds of technology for Customer Success groups in 2013. We expanded the CSTECH Vendors List to include a secondary page that mapped the functionality of a Customer Success Technology Suite and identified the vendors/products that served each category in 2018.

As the worldwide profession has grown, the need for CS technology has increased dramatically, as has the number of vendors and products.

Where once there were only three suppliers of what was loosely termed “Customer Success Platforms,” now there are 19 — and more are preparing to enter the market. The Customer Success TechMap page is therefore going to be updated, with a separate area for Customer Success Management Systems - CSMS.

To qualify for a free listing under the CSMS -Customer Success Management System  / Customer Success Platform, etc. --  on this page, vendors will need to complete this form to identify specific features and functionality of their product.  

However, if your product is not applying for a listing in the CSMS category, then you will need to complete the shorter general CSTECH application form via this link.  

For every item in the list below, please tell us how your product addresses each specific feature/function. There are three possible states. Your product:

1 = Inherently provides this functionality itself; no other application is needed

2 = Can be configured to display and interact with the data from another application or system for this feature

3 = Does not support this feature

Each feature also has a Comments field for you to use for explanations of your scoring, etc.

If you have questions, please contact me directly: mikael@mblaisdell.com

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* 1. Contact Information

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* 2. Please enter the URLs for the web pages describing your company and its CSMS product. (100 characters maximum per line)

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* 3. Please provide the dates for the following company/product milestones. (100 characters maximum per line)

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* 4. What is the size of your company?

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* 5. What is your primary market focus?

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* 6. Which of the following additional income/revenue sources/conduits are in use by your company? Please check all that apply:

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* 7. Does your company maintain offices in more than one country? If so, please identify the countries where your additional offices are located in the Comments area.

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* 8. In which geographic regions are your customers located? Please check all that apply.

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* 9. Do you have commission-based or other paid relationships with any 3rd party consultants? If so, please identify which firms are involved.

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* 10. Do you offer a self-driven demo online via your company's website? (That the visitor can use all by themselves to see/test the functions and features of your application?)