Introduction to the Assessment of Leading from the Board.

Leading a Sustainable Organisation in Disruptive Times from the Board requires skillful and grounded chairs and board members.

The assessment builds on the research insights from the Inner Development Goals, combined with research insights from Modern Governance and Impactful Chair & Board capabilities. 
The Inner Development Goals, IDGs, are science based skills and qualities that supports in developing  purposeful, sustainable, and productive personal lives and businesses. The IDG is a non-profit academic research linked initiative (  
Impactful Chair and board practices has been researched in collaboration with INSEAD, and is documented in papers and the book Leading a Board; Chair Practices across Europe. 
The benefits of developing skills and qualitiesare both personal as well as organisational and societal.  It is the Transformational Skills for Sustainable Development.
Inner Development Goals are divided into five areas, and they will be followed and tailored to relating Chair & Board capabilities in this assessment, 
Being - Relationship to Self
Thinking - Cognitive Skills
Relating - Caring for Others and the World
Collaborating - Social Skills
Actions - Driving Change
The assessment is designed to help you assess your abilities  within the five areas, in order to identify strengths and areas of improvement.
This assessment is confidential, it will take about 5 minutes to fill in, and in the end you can also see the collective general results of the individuals that has assessed themselves earlier. 
Try to answer as truthfully as possible, you are the only one seeing your individual results, and will get more out of the assessment when you identify your key strengths and key development areas.