Concept Schools Parent Survey

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. What ethnic group describes you best?

* 4. Do you have internet access at home?

* 5. How often do you check your child's progress online through the school's database?

* 6. How many children do you have attending this school?

* 7. Please choose the best option for the following questions.

  Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Not Sure
My child's school has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for parents.
My child's school cares about the students.
My child's school has high expectations with regard to student achievement.
My child's school has a positive atmosphere for learning.
My child's school offers a strong academic program.
My child's school is supportive of parents and handles my concerns in a timely manner.
My child's school has the resources necessary to work effectively.
My child's school prepares students to do well on the state, district, and classroom assessments.
My child is given challenging work at school.
My child looks forward to coming to school.
My child's school enforces the rules.
My child's school clearly communicates the rules and expectations.
My child's school promotes a drug-free environment.
My child's school makes sure that students are safe while on the school grounds.
My child's school building is neat, clean, and well-maintained.
My child's school disciplines students fairly.
My child's school helps students improve their behavior when they break the rules.
My child's school employs staff who act in a professional manner.
My child's school teaches students to value, respect, and tolerate differences in others.
My child's school allows me to express my opinion or speak up at school meetings.
My child's school sends me information about the school on a regular basis.
My child's school administration is easily accessible.
My child's school administration communicates school's misson/vision/goals effectively.
My child's school teachers are easily reachable and get back to me when needed.
My child's school provides parents with opportunities that I would not otherwise have in other schools.
I am pleased with the socio-emotional growth of my child.
I am pleased with the academic progress of my child.
I am always included in decisions by the school that affect my child's performance.
I am very pleased with my child's school.
I would recommend this school to any other parent without hesitation.

* 8. What do you like the most about this school?

* 9. What areas do you think the school should improve on?