Welcome to CSPN's 2019 Contact Centre Benchmark Survey
Each year CSPN conducts an annual benchmark survey to gauge the customer service and contact centre landscape in Canada. The Contact Centre Benchmark Study provides valuable information to update and expand our database of service and experience measurements / standards relevant to many Canadian industries.

Respondents represent more than 150 contact centres within North America, spanning a number of industry verticals and sectors across various managerial levels.

Participants are able to provide their insights into the inner workings of Customer Service and Contact Centres across strategy, people, process and technology elements.  The insight you provide is invaluable to understanding what some of the opportunity and challenges are today in the service environment as well as what the future desires and trends are moving forward.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your time and effort are very much appreciated as CSPN continues to shape and influence the customer service / contact centre environment. With the results, we will be developing a whitepaper summarizing the insights gathered as well as presenting the findings at our annual CX Conference.

We look forward to sharing the results with you at CSPN’s CX Conference in May 2019!

Survey Details
Participants chose one stream dependent on their role wihtin the contact centre.  Dependent on the stream chosen, total number of questions to be answered are:
  • Stream #1: LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT for Contact Centres – 44 questions
  • Stream #2:  AGENT & SUPPORT within Contact Centres – 39 questions
  • Time to Complete: 20 minutes (on average)

All participants’ data will remain anonymous and completely confidential. We require the following information to send you a copy of the benchmark survey results.