GP services and urgent care in Nottingham North and East: a patient survey

Nottingham North and East CCG has received funding from the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund to develop urgent care services, including weekend GP access in Carlton and Arnold from 2015. If successful, the plan is to roll it out to other areas in Nottingham North and East.

We want to hear what you think about urgent care services and local healthcare services in general. Your opinions count and will help us shape our urgent care services, so please fill in the questionnaire and tell us what you think.

Thank you for taking the time to improve health services in the Nottingham North and East area.

* 1. How easy is it to get a same day urgent appointment with your doctor when you're ill?

* 2. If you have used an urgent care service in the last 12 months, please tick all the ones you have used. You can tick more than one box if you have used the service for yourself and your child.

  No For myself For my child
Arranged a same day GP appointment
Visited a walk in centre
Called NHS 111 (or NHS Direct) for advice
Used NEMS (Nottingham Emergency Medical Services - the Nottingham out of hours medical service)
Gone to A&E

* 3. What was your most recent experience like?

* 4. If you have an urgent care need, how acceptable are the following methods of consultation?

  Perfect Acceptable Moderately acceptable Acceptable only if no other option is available Not acceptable
Call your practice and take any available urgent care appointment with a GP or healthcare professional appropriate to your need
Drop in and wait to see a GP or other healthcare professional appropriate to your need.
Call your practice and a nurse or other health practitioner will call you back to assess your need and arrange an appointment if necessary. 
Go to a local community health centre for an urgent appointment with GP or other health professional appropriate to your needs

* 5. If you're ill at the weekend and need to see a doctor, would you be willing to see a doctor, or other appropriate healthcare professional, at a central location in the Nottingham North and East area?

* 6. Would you be willing to travel to another Practice or healthcare centre in your area, for example Arnold if you live in Gedling, or Hucknall if in Ashfield, for...

  Yes Yes but it will depend on where it is No
weekday late evening sessions?
Saturday surgery?
Sunday surgery?
to see a GP or nurse, who has specialist expertise in your medical condition?
to attend a specialist clinic, for example antenatal care?

* 7. How useful would you find the below if they were provided by a GP at a different Nottingham North and East GP practice or central health hub? (this wouldn't affect your usual GPs availability)

  Very useful Useful maybe useful Not very useful Not sure
Weekday availability from 8am to 8pm for urgent appointments
Weekday availability from 8am to 8pm for routine planned appointments
Saturday availability for urgent appointments
Saturday availability for routine planned appointments
Sunday availability for urgent appointments
Sunday availability for routine planned appointments

* 8. We're looking at exploring different ways of using technology for consultations and communication. How acceptable are the following...

  Perfect Acceptable Moderately acceptable Acceptable if there was no other option available Not acceptable
A telephone consultation with a GP or Practice nurse?
An email consultation with GP or Practice nurse?
A video consultation (eg via Skype) with your GP or Practice Nurse?
Texting your GP or practice nurse directly with your symptoms?
Using other internet-based platforms to consult with your GP?

* 9. What other comments do you have about urgent healthcare services?

* 10. We like to ensure we are completely inclusive and our services are accessible to all. To ensure we can do this, we would like to ask you to complete the below. The survey is completely anonymous and this information is for equal opportunity monitoring only.