Welcome to the first-ever global civil society survey on funding and work to address child, early and forced marriage!
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Amharic, Arabic, Bengali, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Urdu

Who can complete the survey?
All civil society organisations that currently work to address child, early and forced marriage, or would like to work on these issues.

Please note: if your organisation primarily views itself as a civil society organisation that also has a re-granting program, please complete this survey. If your organisation primarily views itself as a grant making institution that also does programmatic work, please complete the donor survey.

Before you complete the survey:
-       We request that only one response per organisation be submitted, so please communicate with your colleagues to coordinate your response.
-       For large organisations with different global/ regional/ country offices, we encourage multiple offices working on CEFM to complete the survey.
-       The person or team completing the survey must have information about the organisation’s perspectives on child, early and forced marriage, strategies to address it, funding for the organisation’s work on the issue for the period 2014-2016, number of staff and volunteers and size of annual budget.
-       You can preview the survey here and collect all the information needed before starting the online survey.
-       The survey platform (Survey Monkey) will automatically save your response. If you would like to return to the survey to edit or complete your response, you will need to use the same computer and web browser to access the saved response.
-       Please allow for approximately 20 minutes to complete the survey.
Would you like to complete the survey offline?
Email FemJust at linda[at]femjust[dot]com to request the survey form in your preferred language. The survey is available in Amharic, Arabic, Bengali, English, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Urdu.

Please take the survey before May 31, 2017!

Further information:

Why a survey?
There is currently no systematic analysis of the amount and type of resources directed to CEFM work and the types of civil society efforts that are supported. That stops us all from making the case for increased and improved funding as effectively as we could. This survey - together with a complementary survey for donors - hopes to fill a distinctive knowledge gap.

How will the findings be used?
Your combined input will be used to develop a report on CEFM funding and strategies, which will be disseminated by the end of 2017. The report will be a tool for civil society, international agencies and donors alike to understand the global funding landscape for CEFM and advocate to fill resource gaps.

Who is behind the survey?
The survey is coordinated by American Jewish World Service, FemJust (Feminist Solutions towards Global Justice), GreeneWorks, and the International Center for Research on Women, in collaboration with Girls Not Brides: The Global Partnership to End Child Marriage.

Do you have questions or feedback about the survey?
Please email FemJust at linda[at]femjust[dot]com.

We know that your time is extremely valuable, and we greatly appreciate your contributions to this important project. Thank you!