Please help us plan for future hazard events by completing this 30 Question survey (will take approximately 15 minutes).

Hazard Mitigation Plans are required to be updated every five years by the federal Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 in order to remain eligible for certain federal pre-disaster and post-disaster assistance. The City of Sugar Land Hazard Mitigation Plan identifies the risks of both natural and non-natural hazard events that can affect the City and includes programs and projects that can reduce the impacts to life and property should a hazardous event occur.

To maintain a high level of preparedness, we need your help to identify risk and plan for future disasters. Data collected through this survey will help the City of Sugar Land Steering Committee by:

- Assessing our residents’ level of awareness regarding hazards;
- Determining areas vulnerable to various types of hazards;
- Coordinating activities to reduce the risk of injury or property damage in the future; and
- Updating the City’s Hazard Mitigation Plan.

This survey consists of three sets of questions:

1.     The first section, is demographic information used to correlate responses to the questionnaire.

2.     The second section involves potential hazards near you and whether your knowledge of potential hazards influenced your decision to choose where you live.

3.     The last section is about your experience and knowledge of natural and non-natural hazards in general, and steps your household has taken to prepare for hazardous events.

Thank you for taking time to participate in the City of Sugar Land’s Hazard Mitigation Plan Questionnaire!