CSLC Faculty Service Learning Support Grant 2012-13

The Community Service Learning Center (CSLC) is offering grants for faculty to support curricular and co-curricular service learning activities. $10,000 is available for the 2012-13 fiscal year (ending June 30, 2013). Grants of up to $1500 each will support faculty initiatives to engage students in and out of the classroom with projects that advance student learning while meeting a demonstrated community need.

The Community Service Learning Center staff (Kirkhof 1110B, 331-2468, jonesval@gvsu.edu) are available to consult with faculty to design service learning projects which meet the grant criteria.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis through April 30, 2013 as funds are available. Funds must be used by June 30, 2013.

Grants will be awarded for requests meeting the following criteria:
1) The activity meets the university’s definition of service learning.
a) Meets a demonstrated community need (articulated by the community).
b) Pre-education is conducted with students about the community need and how the activity will help meet that need.
c) The service activity is organized in partnership with the community.
d) Post-service reflection helps students synthesize what they’ve learned from the experience.
e) Community impact of activity is measured and documented.
2) Activity is led by a faculty member for students receiving academic credit (curricular) OR activity is led by faculty member with a cohort of students from the same academic program (co-curricular).
3) Risk management procedures are in place for the activity.
4) The activity is endorsed by the applicant’s department chair and dean.

Expenses that can be covered by the grant.
• Transportation, lodging, and meal costs related to the activity (actual costs, not per diem).
• Materials and supplies for activity.

Expenses CANNOT be used for
• Faculty/student stipends
• Charitable donations (monetary or in-kind)
• “Seed money” for fundraising activities.