1. Building Momtrepreneurs

There are so many stay at home moms out there, with good skills & good ideas. We would love to help supplement our husband's income, create our own income or just be independent. This survey is part of  market research to help create a place for stay at home moms to be able to start their dream businesses. Please be honest in your answers.

* 1. Are you a stay at home mum?

* 2. Why are you unable to work at this time?

* 3. Would you like to become an entrepreneur?

* 4. What business would you like to start?

* 5. What are the factors that have prevented you from starting your business (Capital, Resources, Skills, I don’t know where to begin)?

* 6. If you require additional skills, what are the factors holding you back from acquiring them?

* 7. Have you attempted an online course, if so, has it benefitted you? If not, why haven’t you? (No computer/ Data is expensive etc)

* 8. If child care is the problem, would you attend a course that had a facility to care for your kids?

* 9. Why have you not thought of getting funding from a bank?

* 10. What solution do you propose for the problems faced by stay at home moms who would like to start up businesses?