1. Commercial Building Projects and Case Studies for CBC

Please use this form to share projects and stories of how innovative technologies, practices, and approaches have addressed persisting issues in the designing, delivering, and operating low-energy commercial buildings, both new and existing. CBC will use this information to identify case studies to highlight and share throughout the CBC network. Emphasis should be on demonstrated performance that can help prove performance of new technologies and practices, build the business case for building owners and developers, and provide practical information for practitioners who are interested in replicating. CBC will follow-up with organizations whose submissions satisfy those elements.

Please be aware that the CBC cannot endorse any specific product or manufacturer. Rather the CBC can only discuss common commercial building challenges and failures which need to be addressed through changes and innovations in technologies, practices, and approaches.

* 1. Please fill out the following information:

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* 4. What barriers did this project or approach successfully address?

* 5. This project or approach was innovative because (3-5 sentences):

* 6. The key factors to this project's success included (3-5 sentences):

* 7. Do you have existing materials or resources on this project or case study? If yes, please provide web addresses, if possible, in the question below.

* 8. If possible, please provide links on this project or case study.