* 1. How convenient are Bon Appetit's hours of operation?

* 2. How professional is the Bon Appetit service staff?

* 3. How well do the service representatives at Bon Appetit answer your questions?

* 4. Overall, how satisfied with the food are you with Bon Appetit?

* 5. How likely are you to recommend Bon Appetit to people you know ?

* 6. Please tell us your dietary needs (if any):

* 7. On the following scale please rate your overall experience with Bon Appetit as your food service provider for the following:

  Not Satisfied at All Somewhat Satisfied Satisfied Mostly Satisfied Completely Satified
Overall Food Quality
Variety of Food
Staff Appearance
Staff Professionalism
Timeliness of Service
Cleanliness of Cafe
Having your comments responded to in a timely manor

* 8. Please leave any additional comments or suggestions you may have: