* 1. Do you attend the IHCP Annual Seminar, which takes place during October each year? (check one):

* 2. How often do you attend IHCP workshops and Virtual Room training sessions? (check all that apply):

* 3. The presentation was easy to follow.

* 4. Sufficient time was spent on each area of discussion.

* 5. This topic is relevant to questions I had about the Medicaid program and how the program works.

* 6. I now understand this topic better and anticipate fewer claim problems.

* 7. I would recommend this presentation to other providers.

* 8. Today’s training materials will be useful for educating my coworkers on this topic.

* 9. The presenter spoke clearly.

* 10. I could hear the presenter.

* 11. The presenter repeated questions and responses for the benefit of all participants.

* 12. The presenter demonstrated a mastery of the subject matter.

* 13. The presenter used effective examples to explain concepts.

* 14. The presenter answered questions to my satisfaction or agreed to follow up. (Please include additional comments below).

* 15. The presenter offered sufficient time for questions.

* 16. What topics would you like presented at future workshops? (Please indicate in the space below)

* 17. Additional Comments

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