I'm planning to do some live, in-person FogBugz 6.0 demos in various cities around the world in September, October, and November.

The demo will take about one hour, with plenty of time for questions. It's a chance to learn about some of the great new features of FogBugz 6, and ask me questions about the software development process. It's going to be absolutely free.

If we get enough attendees in your area, I'll schedule a demo and email you an invitation.

We'll film the New York session and make it available on the Internet. If you're unable to attend, please fill out this survey anyway and include your email address; I'll email you to let you know when the video is online.

-- Joel Spolsky, joel@joelonsoftware.com

Would you attend a one hour demo of the new version of FogBugz 6.0 in your area?

Where do you live?