Thank you for taking the time to participate in the online CSHA Survey. There are only ten questions we would like you to answer.

As your state organization, CSHA is interested in obtaining your current demographic information, understanding the reasons why you chose or declined CSHA membership, and what services or benefits you would like CSHA to offer its members. Finally, we want to know your perspectives and concerns about contemporary professional issues and which of those issues you would most like CSHA to address.

At this time, we are already busy working on a variety of issues including CSHA website redesign with the addition of consumer information and resources, improved relationships with Regional Centers and the Department of Developmental Services (DDS), telepractice service delivery, additional membership benefits, and more.

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback and will be posting and distributing the results in the special edition CSHA magazine in January 2013. Based on your input, we will be prioritizing and addressing these issues.

Thank you very much,

Mitchell J. Holden and Darla K. Hagge, Co-chairs
Jackie Bryla
Elaine Fogel-Schneider
Ellen Horvath
Elaine Stevick
Karen Yaghoubian
Membership Subcommittee of the
Marketing and Leadership Standing Committee