1. Please check the box that best applies to you.

* 1. Which center does your child(ren) attend?

* 2. To which age group(s) does your child(ren) belong?

* 3. What is the name(s) of your child(ren)'s classroom(s)? (optional)

* 4. How long has your child(ren) been enrolled in the program?

* 5. The program effectively transitions children and parents into the school and/or new classrooms.

* 6. My child's teacher talks to me regularly about the interests and needs of my child both at home and at school.

* 7. I know the rules and expectations for my child's classroom.

* 8. When/If I have concerns about the way teachers are working with my child, I am comfortable talking with them about it and working together to find a solution.

* 9. If problems arise in my interactions with teaching staff, they are good about working to solve these problems and do so in language I understand.

* 10. When program staff have had a concern about my child and his or her development, they have communicated this concern to me with sensitivity and respect and in private. I have received this information in writing, with thorough explanations and suggestions about how to proceed.

* 11. My child's teacher asks me about my family background and my beliefs.

* 12. For families with children with special needs only: (Check all that apply.)

* 13. I am happy with the Clifton Curriculum as it is implemented in my child's room.

* 14. The program staff use information about my family background and beliefs to make my child's learning experience more meaningful.

* 15. The program takes into account my child's home language when working on literacy and provides my child opportunitites to learn in a language they are comfortable with.

* 16. Information that I provide about my child's skills, interests, and needs is incorporated into classroom interactions and activities.

* 17. For families of infants only: The program staff asks me about how I meet my child's needs at home and tries to provide care in the same way at school.

* 18. My child's teacher talks to me regularly about how my child is doing at home and at school.

* 19. I am happy with the way my child is greeted and included in the classroom community.

* 20. I am comfortable with the guidance techniques used by teachers.

* 21. My child's teachers communicate information to me about my child's current level of development in a manner that is respectful to my cultural identity.

* 22. I receive adequate information about what my child is learning.

* 23. When reviewing my child's portfolio with his/her teachers at bi-annual parent/teacher conferences, what I value most is
(Check all that apply)

* 24. I am provided with information about the following: (Check all that apply.)

* 25. Parents are notified when there are contagious diseases in the village.

* 26. Accidents or injuries are reported in a timely manner.

* 27. For families who send food to school only: I am aware of the nutitional requirements for sending food along with my child to school.

* 28. For families with infants only: (Check all that apply.)

* 29. For families with children with allergies or special nutritional needs only: (Check all that apply.)

* 30. I feel like I have a voice in planning for program improvement.

* 31. The program administrator seems to keep up-to-date in the field and provides competitive, high-quality services.

* 32. Administration is responsive to my needs and concerns.

* 33. For families with preschoolers only: In determining whether to keep my child enrolled at The Clifton School or to enroll in a another Pre-K program, the biggest factor is/was

* 34. I feel like a valued member of The Clifton School community and
(Check all that apply.)

* 35. I attend the scheduled semi-annual parent/teacher conferences.

* 36. I would like to have parenting workshops offered on the following topics:

* 37. How have you been involved at The Clifton School during this school year? (Check all that apply.)

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