Carderock Springs Residents Referendum on Traffic Islands for Fenway Road

The Carderock Springs Citizens' Association's (CSCA) Traffic Safety Committee (Don Goldberg, Jane Roth, Amy Taylor, Bill Draper, and Stefan LoBuglio) invites residents to vote on whether they support the installation of permanent traffic islands on Fenway Road as a traffic calming measure.

The CSCA Board has indicated that it will be guided by the results of this referendum to advise the Montgomery County Department of Transportation about whether there is resident support for the installation of permanent islands.  If a majority of survey respondents of eligible residents express support for permanent islands, the CSCA board will ask the County to proceed with the next steps in designing and installing permanent islands.

By way of background, the Montgomery County Department of Transportation installed two "trial" islands on October 13, 2017 on a section of Fenway Road between Still Spring Court and Magruder Mill Court for a period of four months.  To assess the effect of the trial islands on vehicle speed, the County collected speed data on Fenway Road shortly after the installation of the trial islands and shortly before they were removed in February 2018.  The County also provided speed data on Fenway Road that had been taken nearly a year and a half before the period of the installation of the trial islands. 

The County’s speed data report is available on the CSCA website (see link below).  The County engineer assigned to this project summarized the data as follows (note that “Location B” refers to a measuring location between the two trial islands):

A comparison of the data collected at Location B on Fenway Road prior to and during the trial calming reveals a reduction of vehicle speeds ranging from 0 to 10% along the northbound roadway and 0 to 9% along the southbound roadway. Interestingly, the only periods that realized no speed reduction was on weekends. Overall, the speeds tabulated [during the four month trial island period] fall below the criteria set forth in the county speed hump Regulation. Vehicular speeds and volumes compiled along Lilly Stone Drive during the trial period were found to be at or below those compiled prior to the trial period.

The "trial islands" were flexible fiberglass stakes (Qwick Kurb type delineating system) that with pavement markings were installed by the County to simulate the alignment and positions of permanent concrete islands. 

The permanent physical islands would be concrete structures measuring ~18 inches wide, 40 feet long, and 6 inches high with mountable curbs. The permanent physical islands would have reflector posts installed on them and would be accompanied by pavement markings in their vicinity.

Please see the section on the home page of the CSCA website titled “CSCA Traffic Safety Committee Update” for more background about this issue:  CSCA Website

About the referendum
Each household served by the association will be allowed one vote.  All valid submissions must contain names and addresses.  In the case of multiple submissions, only the first submission will be counted.  All submissions must be received by midnight on Monday, April 30.

The referendum is being conducted using an online survey.  Blank Paper ballots are also available at the clubhouse where they can be returned after they are completed.  The data collected by this survey will be accessed by the Traffic Safety Committee and tabulated.  Individual household responses will not be publicly available or reported.  

* 1. Please provide your name, address, and contact information

* 3. (Optional) Do you wish to provide any comments explaining your vote on the referendum?  (Please note that comments will be read and shared without attribution, but will not affect the tabulation of votes on the referendum question).

* 4. (Optional) Do you have any suggestions to share with the Traffic Safety Committee on the issue of traffic safety in our community?