* 1. Club:

* 2. Name, email, and phone number Club Officer completing form.

* 3. Approximately when will you know who your Fall 2014 officers will be? (month and date, if possible). Remember we are having spring registration this year. Workshops start in February. 2013-2014 officers should attend these workshops.

* 4. How many students came to tryouts for the club and/or attended your first callout meetings?

* 5. When do you accept new members?

* 6. What do you do with players that do not make the "traveling" team? (if this does not apply to your club,answer DNA)

* 7. Do you recruit year round?

* 8. If any of your club contacts change for spring semester, please list here. Include Name, Position, Email, and Phone number.

* 9. Would you be able to know your tryout or callout meeting date in the beginning of August, so this can be advertised through club sports, as well.

* 10. Is the club active during the summer? If so, remember if you plan on using campus space we need player forms (i.e. waiver, emergency contact with proof of insurance, concussion acknowledgement form)

* 11. Are you traveling with the club for club activities over winter break?

* 12. Please provide any highlights from the fall semester that we can mention on our website and promotional materials! (If you have any pictures email them to susan.mahoney@uc.edu.)

* 13. Game/Events Schedule: If you have a list of matches, games, events in the spring, please provide information on the games. You can also email a schedule, if easier or provide a link.

* 14. If you know of your future practice space and times for fall, please list below (i.e. Mondays 7-9pm, Sheakley)

* 15. If there is anything else that you would like on your SALD club sport website this spring, please let us know in the space provided.

* 16. Please list any fundraising activities (i.e. charged at tryouts, Football concessions, car washes) and how much was earned at each event.

* 17. Is there anything on the club's wishlist, as far as equipment, etc?

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