* 1. Club:

* 2. Name, email, and phone number Club Officer completing form.

* 3. Approximately when will you know who your Fall 2013 officers will be? (month and date, if possible)

* 4. How many students came to tryout for the club and/or attended your first callout meetings?

* 5. When do you accept new members?

* 6. What do you do with players that do not make the "traveling" team? (if this does not apply to your club,answer DNA)

* 7. Do you recruit year round?

* 8. Would you be able to know your tryout or callout meeting date in the beginning of August, so this can be advertised through club sports, as well.

* 9. Is the club active during the summer?

* 10. Are you traveling with the club for club activities over winter break?

* 11. Please provide any highlights from the fall semester that we can mention on our website and promotional materials! (If you have any pictures email them to susan.mahoney@uc.edu.)

* 12. Game/Events Schedule: If you have a list of matches, games, events in the spring, please provide information on the games. You can also email a schedule, if easier or provide a link.

* 13. If you know of your future practice space and times for fall, please list below (i.e. Mondays 7-9pm, Sheakley)

* 14. If there is anything else that you would like on your SALD club sport website this spring, please let us know in the space provided.

* 15. Please list any fundraising activities (i.e. charged at tryouts, Football concessions, car washes) and how much was earned at each event.

* 16. Is there anything on the club's wishlist, as far as equipment, etc?

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