* 1. Please remember that our primary goal was for students to learn Biology. Use the following scale to indicate how well you think we met that goal. How did we do?

  I learned nothing Could have been better It was ok Better than average The best
On a scale of 1 to 5 rate the class

* 2. When thinking of the technology we used in class please rate the following in terms of how useful they were in helping you learn Biology. If you didn't use it ckeck NA

  Skip it next year Ok But use less Just about right Use more Use this more than anything N/A
Electronic text book
Castle learning
Mr Schutz.com
Brain Pop
Discovery Videos like  Darren's T
Student choice, like test dates

* 3. What activities and Labs helped to build your understanding. If your class didn't do the lab ckeck NA

  Poor Fair OK Good Best N/A
NYS making connections
NYS diffusion through a membrane
NYS beaks of finches
NYS biodiversity
Microscope lab
Carbohydrate Lab
Lung Cap.
Heart rate
Potato lab
Blood Typing
Miss Scarlotte

* 4. What was the most frustrating part of the year for you.

* 5. What was the best part of the year?

* 6. What could I do as your teacher to improve your experience and therefore your knowledge of Biology/success on the regents or SAT II?

* 7. Any last comments or ideas that don't seem to fit in the other questions?

* 8. Tell me about yourself

  Period 1/2 Period 4/5 Period 8/9 N/A
What class were you in
Thank you for your time and attention.
Have a great summer!
Mr Schutz