Virtual Dream Team Survey  by Janine Gregor

Dear Virtual Professional,

Are you looking for work?

If so, I am interested in hearing from YOU!
I am building an elite team of virtual assistants and online professionals who can be referred to prosperous business owners. These champion entrepreneurs have reached a pinnacle level in their own businesses and now require elevated, on-going and specialized services.

This is not a subcontracting opportunity by me. I will not dictate or regulate your fees. You use your own contracts.

There is no charge to you for any of my referrals.

And I am here to support you. I can help with client consultations, creating packaged rates or answer any questions you may have to secure the referrals matched to your skill set and personality type.
I will be with you every step of the referral process.

I have designed Your Virtual Dream Team to become the #1 virtual assistant referral company in North America. 

I invite you to take this 11 question survey now while this page is still open on your computer. 

Once I receive your response, I will be in touch with you  to let you know if you have been selected to schedule a mini meeting with me. 

Thank you in advance for your support and I look forward to working with you.

*Please note that while I do list specific software programs and skills below, I am not basing selection of virtuals entirely on these skills. For example, while you may not have InfusionSoft skills, your writing skills may be needed for marketing projects.  

Janine Gregor
Virtual Dream Team Builder

Question Title

1. If you are looking for new clients, please estimate how many hours? Full-time or part-time?

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2. What are the core skill sets that you have? 

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3. What are the top 3 credibility points that make you a good fit for what you do? (3 words or short statements)

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4. How have your clients described working with you? (Bullet points; brief statements or short descriptions preferred) Please do not link this question to your testimonial page.

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5. What are your salary requirements? What is your hourly range? Please indicate packaged rates if you have them. Note that this information is confidential and stays with me.

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6. List three client qualities that are important to you when working with a client.

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7. Please enter your name, email address, website address and any social media links. Phone number and time zone.

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8. Do you have a preferred client time zone?

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9. Where did you hear about this assessment?

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Please indicate beginner (beg), intermediate (int) or advanced (adv) next to any one or more of the programs listed below.

If NONE of the choices match, please indicate in OTHER any other program not listed and your level of expertise.

If you do not have responses to any of the selections listed please indicate NONE in the OTHER box. Thank you!

Please follow these directions. Thank you!

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List any cultural, attitude, values and beliefs you have that are important to you and the clients you work with.

If you have any preferences, please state below.

Some Christian virtuals for example prefer to work with Christian clients. I am interested in matching not just skills but personal preferences. Thank you!

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12. Is there anything else missing from this assessment? Do you have any suggestions as to how I can improve this process?  Any questions I might have missed?