1. Introductory information

Thank you for taking part in this survey aimed at civil society groups, we appreciate your time.

It is being run by Green Alliance, a London based environmental organisation. We're exploring how the localism agenda is influencing the way that civil society groups interact with their local authority. It focuses on climate change and environmental action, but we would value your views on localism even if your organisation does not work on those issues.

It asks questions about:
- what your group does
- how it works with local authorities
- what you think about the new ‘localism’ agenda

We really value your thoughts so please do take advantage of the additional comment boxes.

The survey asks for your contact information so that we can keep you informed about the outcomes of this work. It also asks which local authorities you work with so that we can compare interactions across the UK. Even so, all responses will remain anonymous and no direct quotes or comments will be used without your consent.

This survey and other work will lead to a report on how civil society and local authorities are responding to the localism agenda. If you provide your contact information during the survey then you will receive information on the work when it is completed.