Award Criteria and Nominee Information

The Outstanding Student Award is provided to a student who has demonstrated significant learning gains and/or outcomes while overcoming difficult circumstances in efforts to pursue adult learning, who has supported other adult learners, and who has managed significant adult responsibilities such as those related to employment, family, or community.

Award Criteria:

1.     An adult learner as defined by the sponsoring organization

2.     Has significant adult responsibilities, such as those relating to employment, family, or community

3.     Has improved the life situation(s) of self/others as a result of learning experience

4.     Demonstrates leadership within formal or non-traditional learning environments

5.     Maintains family, civic, or employment responsibilities while concurrently pursuing educational goals

6.     Has overcome difficult circumstances in order to pursue adult learning experiences

7.     Has been supportive of others engaged in adult learning

8.     Must have been a student or self-directed learner within 12 months prior to the nomination date

9.     Has demonstrated significant learning gains and/or educational or workplace outcomes

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