1. San Francisco Global Youth MAP Teacher Application

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Thank you for your interest in the Global Youth Media & Arts Program. We very much look forward to your application!

Global Youth Media and Arts Program Application 2009-2010
San Francisco
Application DUE: October 9,2009 by 5pm

World Savvy is a global education nonprofit, serving youth and educators in New York City, Northern California and Minneapolis. Our mission is to educate and engage youth in community and world affairs, and we offer three core programs to accomplish this mission: the World Affairs Challenge, the Global Educators Program and the Global Youth Media and Arts Program.

The Global Youth Media and Arts Program (MAP) is an arts education program for youth ages 10-18 in New York and San Francisco.

Through the MAP youth use their own lives and communities as a platform to examine a global theme—Immigration and Identity—using visual arts, performance and media. This program illuminates the connections between community and world affairs and helps young people learn to use art and media as tools for self-expression, dialogue, and community engagement.

--World Savvy's Media and Arts Program engages 1400+ young people in New York and The Bay Area in contemporary art, media and global issues
--World Savvy provides 50+ educators with the tools and training to bring global issues to the classroom through arts and media
--The program culminates with The Global Youth Media and Arts Festival that showcases youth artwork, performance and media

MAP Educators receive:

• An Immigration and Identity Collaborator's Guide containing lesson plans, activities, artists and resources
• Professional Development Institutes focused on Immigration and Identity.
• Face to face consulting with World Savvy program staff, to support the integration of global issues into the classroom
• Ongoing curriculum support to access lessons, resources, community connections, art and media around the theme of Immigration and Identity
• 4 on-site workshops or community field-trips focused on the global theme
• Opportunities for participating youth to come together and learn about the theme, share ideas, create collaborative projects, build community between schools/neighborhoods, and interact with professional artists
• The Global Youth Media and Arts Festival: a professional art exhibition and performance showcasing youth visual and performing art and media projects
• Access to the World Savvy Monitor, an online current events resource

Requirements of MAP Educators:
• Submit program fee*
• Attend all MAP events including the Professional Development Institutes (Thursday and Friday, November 5 and 6, 2009,) Youth Events, and Global Youth Media and Arts Festival (Saturday evening, June 5, 2009)
• Meet with World Savvy staff for a one-on-one consultation and schedule time for World Savvy to lead 2-4 workshops or field trips with students
• Invite administrators and fellow teachers to attend the Global Youth Media and Arts Festival Celebrations to participating students
• Complete end-of-year evaluations and submit samples of student work (process or end products)by May 21, 2010

*Submit program fee by November 20, 2009*

• San Francisco Bay Area middle school and high school educators across disciplines (including Visual and Performing Arts, English, Social Studies, Foreign Languages, ELL/ESL, etc.)
• Educators must be open to teaching or working with any form of art or media including but not limited to: creative writing, spoken word, journalism, theater, dance, hip-hop, circus arts, photography, graphic design, radio, video, animation, web-design, painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, street art, collage, guerrilla gardening and beyond!
• Educators serving a minimum of 20 students
• Preference will be given to educators serving high need communities (students, schools, organizations, etc.)
• Preference will be given to applicants applying as a part of a cohort of 2-5 teachers from a single school/ organization. Teachers are not required or expected to work on joint projects.
Program Fees
Participation in the MAP for educators is $500 per year. World Savvy encourages multiple teachers from a single school to apply and offers discounts to schools and nonprofits with two or more participating teachers. World Savvy underwrites 95% of program costs through foundation grants and individual donations.
Program Fees for Schools

1st teacher: $500
2nd teacher: $350
3rd teacher (and beyond): $200

*Limited Scholarships Available (pending sponsorship)
Applications must be received by 5pm October 9, 2009; recipients will be announced by October 16,2009.

Thank you for your interest!
Please contact Katina Papson, Program Associate at 415-292-7421 or katina@worldsavvy.org with any questions.