* 1. Size of farm (in acres)

* 2. County

* 3. Years corn grown continuously:

* 4. Have you ever had corn rootworm issues in your fields? This applies to non-Bt and Bt corn hybrids.

* 5. Do you use Bt-corn hybrids?

* 6. What Bt-corn hybrids do you use?

* 7. If Bt hybrids used, please list the kind used continuously for more than 2 years.

* 8. Have you seen any signs of rootworm damage in Bt fields? (damaged roots or goose-necking and lodging).

* 9. Did you observe greater than normal populations of adults of corn rootworms last summer?

* 10. Have you grown continuous corn for three or more years, used the same Bt hybrid for three or more years, and observed more than normal number of adults in corn fields last year? Please answer yes only if all three are true in your case.

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