Curriculum Topics

Leadership development tailored to the unique needs of the historic preservation movement is a top priority for 2016, the NHPA's 50th anniversary year. Your Preservation50 Management Team is working with top leadership educators and historic preservationists, with the support of the American Express Foundation, to design a groundbreaking initiative to support emerging leaders. An "emerging leader" is anyone who is purposefully adding to their toolbox of wisdom and skills, no matter where they are in their career trajectory. Also, we distinguish leadership development (our focus) from topical training (e.g. how certain federal regulations work - for which training is already readily available).

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Question Title

* 1. Please rank the IMPORTANCE TO EMERGING LEADERS of the following topics on a scale of 1 (not important) to 10 (very important):

  Not important Somewhat important Very important
Risk Mitigator: Avoiding Common Threats To Preservation Leadership
Convener: Advancing Shared Preservation Objectives (through Collective Impact practices)
Historian: Understanding What Has Succeeded and Failed in Preservation
Grassroots Organizer: Organizing Community Support for Preservation
Social Media Maven: Engaging Preservation Stakeholders Online
Writer: Crafting Compelling Narratives in Your Persuasive Writing
Earner: Embracing Earned-Income Opportunities From Preservation Activities
Fundraiser: Attracting Philanthropic Support for Preservation
Orator: Presenting Preservation Values in Persuasive Public Speaking
Risk Taker: Seizing Opportunities For Preservation Leadership
Visionary: Painting a Picture of a Bright Future of Preservation
Predecessor: Planning Early For Your Preservation Successor
Grasstops Organizer: Coalescing Other Preservation Leaders
Advocate: Lobbying Public Officials on Preservation Policy
Budgeter: Preparing Budgets that Align With Your Preservation Objectives
HR Manager: Guiding Your Preservation Team to Success
Team-Builder: Assembling Your Preservation A-Team
Trusted Source: Becoming the Go-To Guy/Gal For Traditional Media
Office Manager: Building the Infrastructure for a Modern Preservation Organization
Planner: Setting Goals and Objectives for Preservation Activities
Volunteer Coordinator: Maximizing Appeal to and Support of High-Value Preservation Volunteers
Servant: Understanding the Community Service Role of Preservation
Listener: Mapping Community Consensus on Preservation Tradeoffs (through Deliberative Democracy techniques)
Entrepreneur: Building Innovative & Sustainably Business Strategies For Preservation
Evaluator: Measuring Impacts of Preservation Activity