Our 13th Civil Rights Pilgrimage will be a on our shared history and our the powerful transformation that comes when we listen and learn to understand. We are centering ourselves in Montgomery for a deep examination of our roots, ourselves, and of our future. We will work with movement leaders, including Bernard LaFayette, Kate LaFayette, Bob Zellner, and Carolyn McKinstry to examine lessons learned from movement organizing. We will deepen our understanding of how to shift and change our worlds, and work towards shaping a new path forward.

This will be an interracial intergenerational group, 30 - 35 adults (21 or older).

*Previous Civil Rights Pilgrimage participants are encouraged to apply for this deep dive experience.

We begin by building a vibrant diverse community to create radical bonds and to take a journey through our nation’s story. Over the course of 4 meetings together, we create a ritual of being, community, solace and joy. In story circles, and through reflection and celebration, we delve into the racial history of our country, the social lessons and structures of our culture, and decipher where we fit in these stories.

Next, we travel together to the American South. We visit sites and spaces where some of this country’s civil rights history took place, where civil rights activists have pushed forward for change. We pull the curtain back and examine the narratives of our history – both told and untold. We spend time with current leaders and activists, hear stories from the front lines and examine our nation’s truth. We interrogate old narratives and discover new ones. Between these lines, we experience and celebrate the rituals of bonding and friendship, truth and discovery.

When we return, you will take it all, everything you’ve seen, all you’ve heard and shared and you’ll bring it all back to your work. We are interested in how these truths move you and what your narratives are after you have seen and heard and experienced.

Please inquire with questions regarding the program- dialogue is what we’re all about.

Application deadlines:
Priority deadline: Monday, December 30th 2019 
Rolling acceptance: Through Monday, Jan. 24th 
We will accept applications through Jan. 20th on a rolling, space available basis.