1. Please share your thoughts with us.

Crisis Response Network is interested in hearing from you. We hope that our staff provided you with excellent service and helped to Inspire Hope. Please let us know. 

* 1. Staff were compassionate and demonstrated effort and skill while assisting me.

* 2. Staff were sensitive to my cultural background and needs (including: values, traditions, beliefs, race, language) during the call.

* 3. I would recommend CRN to a friend or family member.

* 4. I was treated with dignity and respect.

* 5. The crisis/peer support specialist recognized my strengths during our interaction.

* 6. I felt hopeful after contacting the crisis/warm line.

* 7. The crisis/peer support specialist allowed me to decide the next steps, rather than tell me.

* 8. Overall, I am satisfied with the services that I received.

* 11. Any additional comments you have about the services you received?