Stakeholder Advisory Group

The CRN is a non-profit committed to creating an environment that promotes safe and sound collateral risk practices, policies and procedures under all economic conditions through education and collaboration.  The Stakeholder Advisory Group is a way for non CRN members to participate in key studies and activities to further that goal. The goal would be to attract a diverse stakeholder group to include constituents from rating agencies, think tanks, academia, PMI companies, regulators, investor groups, and trade groups.  Please take a moment to complete the application below to participate in this group.  

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* 4. Please list any industry groups you have participated in the past which are relevant to this topic.

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* 5. Please describe the contributions you've made to the industry groups listed in Question 4.

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* 6. Members of the Stakeholder Advisory Group will participate in regularly scheduled conference calls. Please confirm your availability to participate in these calls.

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* 7. Please provide two industry references along with their contact email/phone number and any relevant information related to this position.

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* 8. The Collateral Risk Network (CRN) is a unique community founded in 2003 which seeks:

• To explore issues relating to collateral risk and regulatory compliance
• Promote public awareness of the contributions of our industry to many sectors of the economy
• To support industrywide best practices through leadership provided by individuals and companies through our broadly diverse membership
• To promote, facilitate and support Appraisal Independence

The CRN will provide a congenial, hospitable and welcoming environment where valuation professionals, both nationally and internationally, can meet in person and virtually through the CRN meetings and the CRN Email Forum to exchange ideas and information.

In order for us to maintain this unique environment, we expect that our members, visitors and industry advisors will comply with this set of guidelines.


Members, visitors and guests are required to comply with the rules and regulations of the CRN currently in force. These regulations are designed to provide an appropriate atmosphere for discussion, to ensure the effective operation of the CRN and the security and safety of its users and the resources which it supports.

• Failure to comply may result in the temporary or permanent withdrawal of membership, or revocation of event pass.
• In these regulations, the term “member” also includes visitors and guests unless otherwise specified.

General Conduct

• Members may, with permission, use the CRN logo on their website or email signature to promote their association with the CRN.
• Behavior that disrupts and interferes with the orderly function of the CRN or disturbs, harasses, or distresses other users or staff will not be tolerated. Aggressive, threatening, abusive, discriminatory or harassing language or conduct of any kind is not permitted.
• Members are to be courteous to presenters and others during CRN meetings, networking events and social gathers.
• Members shall refrain from engaging on behalf of the CRN without specific permission from the CRN management.
• Members are responsible for the security of their private property during CRN meetings. The CRN is not liable for any items left unattended, lost or stolen.

CRN Code of Conduct

• Photography and recording are expressly prohibited at meetings by anyone in attendance.
• As we engage in committee discussions, and in line with federal and state laws, we do not discuss or promote actions in the CRN that relate to pricing of services to customer agreements to reduce or increase prices or promote prohibited boycotts. If anyone feels that a discussion raises concerns about unified action related to pricing or other prohibited practices, you should immediately request that the meeting or discussion be suspended until you can seek guidance and legal advice.
• Please be respectful of our sponsors. You may not host competing events without a CRN sponsorship. It is not appropriate to ask to bring non-registered employees or guests to hosted events.
• The CRN spends considerable financial resources to host meetings for the membership. It is not appropriate for those not registered for a CRN event to attend after meeting social gathers and schedule meetings with the CRN attendees to garner the benefits of exposure to the membership without purchasing a pass to attend the CRN Meeting. We ask that our members respect these rules and do not accept meeting invitations from those who behave in such a manner.

The CRN believes our differences can be our strengths. People have different perspectives on issues and that can be valuable for solving problems or generating new ideas. The CRN does not allow any discriminatory language or behavior, insults, or harassment of any type.

Resources - The resources provided are not to be shared w

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