Please take a few minutes to complete the following evaluation form. Your responses will help us to improve our program and serve you better. Thank you for your comments and your participation.

* 2. Which class level did you attend?

* 3. This survey about a:

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* 5. Please rate the instruction and material.

  Disagree strongly Disagree somewhat Neither agree nor disagree Agree somewhat Agree strongly
The instructor presented a good variety and mix of dances.
The level of material was appropriate for the class.
The instructor was well prepared and organized.
Classes were well-paced.
The instructor gave clear instructions and explanations.
Demonstrations were used effectively to illustrate new or complicated figures and techniques.
The right amount of time was given to practice new skills.
The instructor gave constructive criticism.
I was given opportunities to ask questions and clarify things I didn't understand.
I feel I improved as a dancer during this class or series of classes.
The material and instruction will enhance my enjoyment of dance parties.

* 6. How was the timing or emphasis on the following during class?

  Not Enough Just Right Too much
Warm Up
Step Practice

* 7. What did you like most about this instructor and class or series of classes?

* 8. Thinking about our class in general (regardless of who is teaching), what improvements would you suggest?

* 9. What figures, dances, or skills would you like to work on during class?

* 10. Is there anything else you'd like us to know?