Thank you for accessing this survey about CRCP2016. Your feedback is important for improving CRCP and for promoting psychology in the Caribbean. Please answer it now!! There are 15 short questions - and at the end you can indicate your interest in volunteering for CANPA activities. Thank you in advance!!

* 1. What were your reasons for attending CRCP2016?

* 2. What influenced you to attend CRCP2016?

  This was the primary reason A strong reason Neutral Not a Reason
Keynote, Plenary and Invited Speakers
Conference Themes
I attend all Caribbean conferences

* 3. How much did attending CRCP2016 fulfill your reasons for attending?

  1: Not at all 2 3: Medium 4 5: Very Much
Learning about psychology research, practice and issues in the Caribbean
Sharing experiences with other psychologists in the Caribbean
Exploring interdisciplinary or international connections in psychology
Hearing specific speakers
I was invited

* 4. On a scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent), please rate different aspects of the conference

  1 - Poor 2 3 4 5 - Excellent
Airport Reception on Arrival in Haiti
Registration Process
Communications from the Organizing Committee
Closing Session
Welcoming Reception
Communications from the Scientific Committee
Hotel - Karibe
Availability of CE credits
Submissions Process
Translation Services
Hotel - Kinam
Conference Payment Process
Choice of themes and topics
Opening Session

* 5. How did you hear or learn about CRCP2014?

* 6. What was the best part of the conference for you?

* 7. What was the most disappointing part of the conference for you?

* 8. How many external conferences/seminars do you attend, on average, in a year?

* 9. Which month is best for you to travel to a conference in the Caribbean?

* 10. Did you attend the opening and keynote session?

* 11. If yes, please comment

* 12. Please list any speakers you would recommend for future conferences:

* 13. Overall conference evaluation. Please rate from 1-10.

* 14. Additional Comments:

* 15. Please compare this CRCP to earlier CRCP's in 2011 (Bahamas)  and 2014 (Suriname)

* 16. Are you interested in serving on any of these CANPA committees?

* 17. PLEASE ADD YOUR EMAIL so we can contact you about committees