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Why we are asking you to fill out this survey...

The Taku River Tlingit First Nation (TRTFN) are co-developing a Moose Stewardship Plan for the Atlin Plan Area and are asking for the knowledge, insights, and concerns of TRTFN community members to help guide our work. We have developed this survey to collect community-wide input, while avoiding large gatherings in the time of Covid-19. We hope you will help us improve moose stewardship in the Atlin Plan Area by filling out this survey for us. Thank you.

Free, prior, and informed consent: 3 Nations Society, TRTFN, and BC are building moose management plans that include joint design, delivery, and decision making on moose management for the identified planning areas. This approach will be based on each Nation’s traditional knowledge, community and local knowledge, and scientific knowledge. Management approaches and decision making will set the management and monitoring requirements for population, habitat, hunting, access, climate change, and predator management.

Community information is required in setting the management goals and identifying interests and concerns for each plan area. Each person taking the survey will be informed of the survey’s purpose and the protections being provided on their personal information and answers.

Each person will be asked if they understand what the focus of the survey and the work it supports. Each person will need to consent to the survey information sharing prior to beginning. Survey participants can stop taking the survey anytime with the understanding that their answers will not be used. At the completion of the survey will be asked again for their consent to include their responses in the overall survey project.

Confidentiality Statement: Surveys are confidential. Personal data will not be shared. Online surveys will be anonymous and in-person surveys will be delivered by TRTFN guardians or Collaborative Stewardship Framework (CSF) representatives. The personal information attached to in-person surveys will be held by the Nation and only the survey results shared with 3 Nations Society. All measures will be taken to protect personal information and ensure the only information being shared are responses to survey questions.

Ownership of information: The surveys will be delivered by each Nation and will meet the policies, standards, and practices of the Nation’s government. 3 Nations Society will work with each Nation to share the survey results in a manner that will not include any personal information, or contravene any communication or information management policies, standards, and practices. 3 Nations Society, as the body responsible for the delivery of the Moose Stewardship Plan surveys, will hold the collective summaries to support the delivery of the pilot Moose Stewardship Plans. Contractors supporting the work will be held to these requirements in the analysis and delivery of Moose Stewardship Plan related products.  Government of British Columbia will only receive the collective outcomes of non-sensitive/non-confidential information from the surveys. Persons taking the survey can be shown the questions that will be shared and those considered confidential to the Nation.

BC will only receive collective non-sensitive information for the purposes of informing Moose Stewardship planning it is being shared.

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