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Post course Survey

The purpose of this survey is to asses the impact of the Tilting the Seesaw for Teams programme. The learning support outcomes of presence, participation, wellbeing, progress and achievement for the student are key here. These questions are part of our reporting requirements to enable us to provide these programmes fully funded by the Ministry of Education. 

This survey is to be completed at the end of the second day of the course. The same questions will be asked during the three and six-month follow ups. This enables us to show the course effectiveness and building of capacity over time.

Reflecting on your experiences as an educator working with the student that the team has been registered for, and in light of your learning at the Tilting the Seesaw for Teams programme, please complete the questions in this survey. 

Please rate according to how TRUE the following statements are for you by using the following scale:

1. Not at all true
2. Seldom true
3. Just a little true
4. Quite a bit true
5. Very much true
6. Definitely true

Please read each question carefully, then select one response category only.  

Question Title

* 1. What is your name? (All information provided to the Ministry is anonymous, this is for the purpose of the course)

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