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Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. Your feedback helps us to improve our services. This survey should reflect your comments and feedback for services provided in the last 12 months.

* 1. Were you satisfied with your involvment in planning for your child?

* 2. Did you receive help from your SCD Consultant to arrange your child care?

* 3. If yes, were you satisfied with the help you received to arrange your child care?

* 4. Do you receive funding to hire support for your child?

* 5. If yes, are you satisfied with the support provided to your child?

* 6. Did you receive information about SCDP service in a way that was understandable to you?

* 7. Has your child's skills and abilities increased as a result of their involvement with SCDP?

* 8. Would there be a benefit to you and your family if all of your early intervention services (such as Infant Development, Speech Therapy, Physio Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Supported Child Development, Nursing Support, and Social Worker) were located in one building?

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