* 1. What is your name, phone number and email address?  (important in order to be selected for the program).

* 2. Are you SICK and TIRED of having excess body fat or Feeling tired all day long?  Do you want to wake up confident in your skin and happy about life?

* 3. are you looking for fat loss or muscle building?

* 4. Have you tried other programs in the past? What were they?

* 5. THIS QUESTION PERTAINS TO COST:  Are you willing to redirect money from your normal food budget, to our specific nutritional line to replace 2 of your meals (that GUARANTEES results with a 100% money back guarantee)?

* 6. Will you be open to showcasing your RESULTS to inspire others and show other people in pain what is possible?  Do you have any friends or family members who may join you on this journey - For accountability and Increased results?

* 7. What are your specific body goals and WHY do you want to achieve this goal?  (please be very thorough and specific).

* 8. On a scale from 1-10 with 10 being " I am soooooo ready to make a change" how committed are you to this goal?

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