Researchers at Central Queensland University are investigating the use of in-paddock automatic drafting to improve calf management practices.

In-paddock automatic drafting systems work by installing the infrastructure at the entrance to a compound surrounding an attractive source, such as a water trough. Cattle are required to walk over a weighing platform and through a drafting gate to access water. Their electronic identification is recorded along with their weight as they enter the system. Cattle can be drafted one of three ways according to a range of purposes, such as access to supplementation, if they meet a specific weight or, as we are proposing, to separate calves from cows. A short introduction to in-paddock auto-drafting is explained in the video below.

We need your help to better understand how livestock producers might use this technology and where they see the most benefit.

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The following survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Please contact any member of the research team if you have any questions.

Dr Kym Patison and Associate Professor Mark Trotter    
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