The Way I See School

* 1. Please indicate how you feel about each of the following statements:

  Always Almost always Often Sometimes Rarely Never N/A
Our science teacher reviews our projects before we finish them.
Our science teacher helps us understand what quality science projects look like.
In our science class(es), students are allowed to help one another to complete class activities.
I have a pretty good idea about what I am expected to learn in my science class(es).
Only a few students are asked questions during our science lessons.
Science class activities are fun.
It is easy for me to use information from previous science lessons for new assignments.
Our science class assignments are clear to understand.
I am excited to come to science class.
I do my science projects with other students.
Our science teacher helps us identify ways to improve our science projects.
I see some of our science assignments in the state tests we take.
Our science teacher encourages students to assess each other's class work.
Before any science project, our teacher tells us how we will be graded.

* 2. What is your grade level?

* 3. Which race/ethnicity best describes you? (Please choose only one.)

* 4. What is your gender?

* 5. Which of the following schools do you attend?