Aerocare employees along with the TWU are pushing for better wages and conditions.

That’s why we are pursuing cases in the Fair Work Commission to ensure Aerocare drops its agreements and negotiates a better deal with staff.

Our analysis shows Aerocare employees are even better off under the award, which gives four-hour minimum shifts, higher rates for night work, weekends and public holidays, and shift penalties, including for split shifts.

So far the Fair Work Commission has rejected the 2017 Aerocare Enterprise Agreement, saying its rates were too low and that split shifts are not allowed under the award.

The TWU now wants to terminate the 2012 Aerocare Enterprise Agreement, since this contains rates and conditions even worse than the 2017 agreement.

We are aiming for a better agreement for Aerocare staff.

We want to hear from you about your working conditions at Aerocare.

Please fill out this CONFIDENTIAL survey. Aerocare will not know who you are or what you have said about your work.