2022 Award of Excellence for Volunteerism and Service-Learning Recognition

Volunteer Tennessee is excited to host the 2023 National Service-Learning Conference with the National Youth Leadership Council in Nashville in April 2023!  The NYLC is the only major national education conference that provides service-learning professional development to a diverse audience. This year our Award of Excellence honorees will be recognized at this national event.
Volunteer Tennessee has identified food security, safe housing, and mentorship of school aged children as critical components to success. Therefore, service-learning projects that address challenges related to food insecurity, people experiencing homelessness, and offering mentorship to school aged children will receive bonus points in the scoring rubric.
All schools K-12 are invited to apply. For a school to be considered for the Volunteer Tennessee Award of Excellence for the 2022 calendar year activities, the school must complete the electronic application. The Award of Excellence application deadline is February 1, 2023. 
Please review information and items needed before your complete the application here. The absence of required items and information may disqualify your application. 
Volunteer Tennessee recognizes that many schools in our state may have faced challenges with service as a direct result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Feel free to describe how you worked through any challenges or created new service activities during this pandemic. This section is optional.
Award recipients will be notified by February 2023. Awarded Schools will be recognized at the 2023 National Service Learning Conference in Nashville, Tennessee!
If you have any questions about the Award of Excellence program, please contact Candace Taylor, Training and Special Events Manager at Candace.Taylor@tn.gov. 

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