NEW SLATE Professional Development Level II - III Evaluation

Montana North Central Educational Service Region 2 (MNCESR)

* 1. Title of training
For example: MNCESR Cadre or Technologist visits

* 2. Date of training (or month if evaluating onsite technologist's visits)
For example: 2/8/10 or November 2010

* 3. Location of training
For example: Great Falls, Hampton Inn or Conrad, Prairie View Elem

* 4. Your primary role as it applies to this training:
Mark all that apply

* 5. At what level do you work?
Mark all that apply

* 6. Do you work in a school that receives Title I funds and is identified for improvement, corrective action, or restructuring?

* 7. Your school district is located in what Montana county?

* 8. Are you attending this workshop


* 9. Overall, the presenter(s) demonstrated thorough knowledge of the topic.

* 10. The content presented was aligned with my needs.

* 11. I will be able to apply what I learned.

* 12. The workshop hands-on activities were useful.

* 13. There was an opportunity for collaborative learning with other participants.


* 14. The teaching techniques used helped my learning.

* 15. The materials used helped or enhanced my learning.

* 16. The training activities were designed for diverse learning styles.

* 17. The time allotted for the topic covered was appropriate.


* 18. The workshop facilities and refreshments were adequate.


* 19. Would you recommend this session to a colleague?

Montana NEW SLATE Program Goals that were addressed:

* 20. To improve student academic achievement through the effective use of technology in teaching and learning.
For example: using technology to move from low-level, teacher-driven technology use to a level that transforms learning through engaging students in planning, choosing, and actively using technology to meet academic goals.

* 21. To improve the technology literacy of teachers and students.

* 22. To improve the capacity of teachers to effectively and efficiently integrate technology into their curriculum and instruction.
For example: technology use/integration that transforms teaching and learning by allowing students to use technology in ways that support a range of diverse learning needs and engages students in higher order thinking and creative projects.

Montana NEW SLATE Objective Outcomes that were addressed:

* 23. Montana teachers will be proficient on Montana Content Standards for Technology and Information Literacy/Library Media.

* 24. Montana students will be proficient on Montana Content Standards for Technology and Information Literacy/Library Media.

* 25. Objective: Teachers will become comfortable with building their own website through SchoolWires.

* 26. As a result of participating in this workshop/training, list two strategies you can implement in your setting to improve student/child/client outcomes:

* 27. For future programs/trainings, what topics would be most helpful in performing your job?

* 28. What changes or improvements would you suggest to the presenter(s)?

* 29. What changes or improvements would you suggest to the organizer(s)?

* 30. What additional resources, trainings, or supports do you need for implementing these strategies?

* 31. Any other comments?

Thank you for your time. Your input is important!
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Increase teacher/student technology skills
Increase technology integration skills in content areas
Use data to inform instruction
Build sustainable professional development relationships
Develop a sustainable MNCESR Technology Cadre