* 1. What kind of Mazda6 do you have?

* 2. What are some of the reasons you would like to replace the carpet in your car?

* 3. How would you describe the carpet in your Mazda 6 / Mazdaspeed6?

* 4. If you were to purchase our carpet kit, would you order the same color as you have now now or would you select a different color? ( eg. My car came with the beige/tan interior, but I want to order a black carpet to replace it with)

* 5. What color carpeting are you interested in?

* 6. What kind of chassis modifications, if any have you done on your 6? (Click on each that applies.)

* 7. What kind of exterior modifications have you performed on your Mazda6/Mazdaspeed6? (select each answer that applies)

* 8. Which interior modifications have you done to your car, if any?

* 9. How are you planning on getting the carpet kit installed?