From CQ Roll Call

* 1. How often do you visit the home page of Connectivity?

* 2. What ways do you access Connectivity?

  Always Occasionally  Almost never Never
Clicking in an email that links to an article
Google search
Visiting the homepage
I have Connectivity bookmarked and access it that way

* 3. What type of blogs or website do you find the easiest to navigate and read? Click on the link to see three examples

* 4. Which of these topics are important to you, in relation to your job?

  Very important Important Neutral Not important Doesn't apply
Grassroots (growing it, mobilizing advocates, etc)
State and Local (tracking it, and influencing local level policy)
Communications & Marketing (email opens, writing action alerts, getting the word out)
Events (best practices on holding them)
In-person related topics (getting meetings on the Hill, tips on approaching staffers, etc)
Case studies (what others are doing to succeed) 

* 5. What most matches what you do? Tick all that apply in order of priority

Traditional lobbying/government relations
Marketing and communications
Legislative, regulatory, policy, public policy
Grassroots advocacy
State and local

* 6. What best aligns with your title?