Walla Walla Airport Business Flyer Questionnaire

The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather information that will be helpful in managing the flights that land and depart from the Walla Walla Airport. For the purpose of this questionnaire, it is assumed that business people in Walla Walla have the option of flying out of the Walla Walla, Pasco, or Pendleton airports. At these airports, passengers have the option of flying on Alaska Airlines (Walla Walla), SeaPort Airlines (Pendleton), or United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Allegiant Airlines (Pasco).

* 1. On average, how many total times each year do you fly for business purposes out of the Walla Walla, Pasco, and Pendleton Airports?

* 2. Please list your top three final destinations (i.e., cities) that you most often fly to:

* 3. What percent of your business flights depart from each airport?

* 4. What percent of your monthly business flights are one-day (i.e., over and back in one day) flights to Seattle?

* 5. If you fly out of the Pasco or Pendleton Airports, please rate the following reasons for not choosing to fly out of the Walla Walla Airport:

  Not at all important Extremely important
I can travel on other airlines
Airline tickets are less expensive out of the other airports
I have more flight time options
There are more direct flights to my final destination
Reduced travel time to my final destination
I can either add to or use my frequent flyer miles on other airlines
It is easier to get a return flight
I am less likely to get laid over overnight in Seattle on my return flight
I can avoid going through TSA security in Pendleton on SeaPort Airlines
Fewer flights are canceled due to weather conditions in the other airports

* 6. Assuming that flight schedules were identical, which of the following airlines would be your airline of choice (Please check one)?

* 7. Which of the following airports is your preferred airport for business travel (Please check one)?

* 8. Please rate the following possible advantages of flying out of the Walla Walla Airport:

  Not at all important Extremely important
Reduced travel to the airport
Less waiting at the airport
Flight schedule
Free parking
Save mileage costs of traveling to another airport
Less travel on unsafe roads while traveling to another airport