Market Research

Earth First is a lifestyle magazine focusing on ethical, environmental issues. Earth First is for the growing population of politically aware, culturally diverse readers who share a desire to live a mindful and healthy life.

Earth First will have a rangeĀ of hard hitting investigative features, vegetarian recipes, thought provoking opinion pieces, an eclectic arts and culture section along with helpful lifestyle tips.

We believe that caring about the environment and sustainability is not age or income specific. So, we would love to getĀ diverse range of opinions on what you would most like to see in this exciting new magazine.

* 1. I am interested in learning how to minimise my carbon footprint

* 2. Animal rights is an important issue for me

* 3. How interested are you in politics?

* 4. I would be happy to spend money on a magazine if the journalism was of a high quality

* 5. We would like to know your opinion on how you would prefer to read Earth First

* 6. Which of these most influences your choice of food purchase? (Please rank your choices in order of priority)

* 7. What would you most like to read about in Earth First magazine? (please rank according to priority)

* 8. Please let us know if there are any other topics/ features you would like to see in Earth First magazine