Medium- and Low-Frequency Operating - Are You Ready?

This month, we are introducing a new column on medium frequency (MF) and low frequency (LF) operating, in anticipation of FCC action to open the 630-meter and 2200-meter bands to amateur use. We'd like to get a sense of what you already know about these bands and your interest in possibly operating on them in the future.

* 1. How aware are you of what it takes to get on the air on 472 kHz (630 meters) and 137 kHz (2200 meters), in terms of equipment, antennas and operating techniques?

* 2. When these new bands are approved, how likely is it that you would plan to operate on them?

* 3. Some U.S. amateurs are getting a head start in learning about our soon-to-be MF/LF bands by operating crossband, transmitting on 160 or 80 meters and receiving on 630 or 2200 meters. Is your station equipped to do this?

* 4. Are you currently active on 160 or 80/75 meters?

* 5. Will learning about activity, equipment and propagation for these new MF/LF bands make you more likely to want to operate on them in when they become available?

* 6. How interested are you in learning about the new and specialized technology that makes possible long-distance communications on these bands using low power, very narrow bandwidths and compromise antennas?